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Posted 130 days ago by monicaF8778
Edited 129 days ago

Hi, I'm new and I greet everyone. I performed a test deployment of my first blazor application and suffered a problem. When I connect to the url, the index page refreshes itself for an unlimited time. (SignalR maybe?) After a few minutes it stops and everything works. Can someone help me?

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    I wouldn't think it's SignalR related. Sounds more like a for loop or something to me, but it's impossible to know without seeing some of the code (minus any keys or sensitive information). Is it possible it's attempting to make a database call through a for loop and giving up after x number of tries or something like that?

    Posted 130 days ago by selliott
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    Thanks for the reply .. I discovered the bug !! I called the Session in the maynlayout and it caused an infinite call loop!

    Posted 129 days ago by monicaF8778
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