Why bootstrap crashes in my blazor app?

Posted 128 days ago by lingo1357


I have made my project with blazor-server.

When I publish the project, Bootstrap does not work and everything crashes. And the site has no style!

Do you think what is the reason?



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    While it's difficult to say what your issue is without any code examples, or more information, it seems unlikely that Bootstrap is crashing the site. It seems more likely something else is crashing it and causing the page to never load successfully. I would assume that if Bootstrap had an issue, your site would load successfully (as in all the data would be there), it just wouldn't be styled correctly.

    Posted 127 days ago by selliott Edited 127 days ago
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    Which part of the code do you need? I will place it here.

    Posted 126 days ago by lingo1357
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    How can I post here my own topic?

    Posted 124 days ago by Darius
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