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We used to be able to add IDbInitializer as per the below example in the startup.configure method

example: public void Configure(IApplicationBuilder app, IWebHostEnvironment env, IDbInitializer dbInitializer)

and then call dbInitializer.Initialize(); method that handle our migrations and database seeding.

I see we can no longer have the startup.configure method in.Net6. Is there a way to still accomplish this?


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    .Net 6 has taken an approach that is considered more modern and simplistic, and they moved everything to the Program.cs file. While I haven't tried it in .Net 6, you should be able to do something like this in Program.cs

    var app = builder.Build();
    // Initialize the database
    var scopeFactory = app.Services.GetRequiredService<IServiceScopeFactory>();
    using (var scope = scopeFactory.CreateScope())
        var context = scope.ServiceProvider.GetRequiredService<ApplicationDbContext>();
        if (context.Database.EnsureCreated())

    And the SeedAbout class would just be something like:

    public class SeedAbout
        public static void Initialize(ApplicationDbContext context)
            var about = new AboutModel()
                PageTitle = "About Me",
                Title = "About",
                Details = "Some general details..."

    With that said, if you wanted an app to work the old way, they should still work. I believe you'll just need to setup your Program.cs and Startup.cs files in the previous manner, based off a previous template.

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    Thank you managed to get it going 

    Posted 213 days ago by Francois
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