Multiple Improvements to BlazorForum

Posted 321 days ago by selliott
Edited 321 days ago

I've been working on some fixes and improvements over the past few weeks and have merged them with the main branch in the repository at

Some noteworthy changes are as follows:

  • Fixed issue with admin area theme not switching when navigating between admin area and front-end.
    • Changed base href for the Area's _AdminHost.cshml file to "~/admin/"
    • Changed all the @page directives in the Area's components to reflect this change. I mostly had to change them from something like "/admin/foo" to "/foo"...but noticed some issues when components conflicted with root components of the same name, so I then renamed the @page directives to something like "/manage/foo" to avoid conflicts.
    • Added a second BlazorHub connection to Startup.cs for the Admin Area.
  • Replaced multiple Admin Area endpoints in the Startup.cs file with a single one that contained a pattern to satisfy all the routes.
  • Replaced JavaScript for changing page title's with a C# based approach. It doesn't pre-render the data into the title tag, but it's a step in the right direction.
  • Adjusted CKEditor to make links open in a new tab.
  • Added an "Admin" link to the navigation menu that displays when an administrator is logged in.
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    i would like to join you and be contributing to this. this is loladeking from twitter

    Posted 29 days ago by technololy
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    can i begin with these 2 TODOs


    Build in ability to flag posts and decide if flags should be their own db table, to log information like who flagged it, time, etc.

    Build in ability to mark a post as an answer, when in a support forum mode


    thouggh i felt the 2nd one was already completed?

    Posted 26 days ago by loladeking
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    That sounds good. Yes, the mark as answer feature was built in a little while back. I'll need to update that TODOs list.

    Posted 26 days ago by selliott
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