Adjustments to Analytics and Added Topics Count

Posted 327 days ago by selliott
Edited 327 days ago

Note: As I began to write this post, I realized the title needs to allow more than 50 characters. Maybe something more like 60 to 100?

After announcing this open source project late last night, I realized this morning that the Analytics code would only track the initial page load, due to the way Blazor routing works. It's the first time I've attempted to add Analytics to a Blazor project. This has been adjusted and it now updates the URL when a visitor changes pages.

I've added the ability to count the number of topics in a forum. If you think it should be done in a better way, please feel free to chime in or participate in the repository. At the moment, I realize it isn't perfect (it's a work in progress), especially because I had to disable it in the topics area (that displays the number of posts in each topic). It was conflicting with the editor and preventing new topics from posting.

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    Looks like the Google analytics code is not loading their script properly

    Posted 325 days ago by csharpfritz
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    Hey Jeff, I didn't notice, were you browsing in private mode? It isn't blocking Analytics for me and no console warnings. However, it does show console warnings in private mode, since it blocks the JavaScript as expected for that feature in the browser.

    Posted 325 days ago by selliott
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