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Passing reference object from js to C# and back

Posted 52 days ago by manikanta
I want to pass object by reference from JavaScript to C# and back. Is there any way to do this.

i am using the below code to call the javascript function.

public static async Task<object> ExecuteJS(string value)
var result = await jsRuntime.InvokeAsync<object>("somefunction");

//Do some modification

return result
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    Maybe someone else will chime in, but I'm guessing you'll probably want to serialize it with something like Newtonsoft.Json, pass it as a string, then deserialize it in the JavaScript file with JSON.parse().

    Here's a blog post by Chris Sainty about working with JavaScript Interop, in case it helps:

    Posted 51 days ago by selliott
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    Thank u Selliott.

    Posted 37 days ago by manikanta

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