Sudden RenderTree error

Posted 130 days ago by heddle


After upgrading to Visual Studio Community preview 16.8.0 2.1 I suddenly go errors in a component's corresponding generated .g.cs files. For example, on the line below set a readonly attribute:

__builder.AddMarkupContent(1, "<h3>JSON representation of the model</h3>\r\n");
            __builder.OpenElement(2, "textarea");
            __builder.AddAttribute(3, "id", "jsonrep");
            __builder.AddAttribute(4, "readonly");


The error message in visual studio is:

1>C:\Users\heddl\slamr-network-visualization\NetMapPrototype\obj\Debug\netstandard2.0\Razor\Pages\JsonPage.razor.g.cs(87,39,87,49): error CS1503: Argument 2: cannot convert from 'string' to 'in Microsoft.AspNetCore.Components.RenderTree.RenderTreeFrame'

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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    Do you have any empty attributes in your HTML tags? Like disabled instead of disabled="disabled"? Or maybe more likely, something like class="". If so, try adding a space in there, so it's class=" ". It looks like there is an issue with Preview 16.8.0 2.1 where empty attributes are causing issues.

    Posted 130 days ago by selliott Edited 130 days ago
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    Thank you, that sounds promising. I will try it today, and report back.

    Posted 130 days ago by heddle
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    That was it! So even though the W3 examples show the readonly attribute without a value, and that's what I used in the .razor file, I had to give readonly a value. 

    I used the one suggested by the context editor: readonly="readonly". Seems a bit silly. Anyway, thanks again.  

    Posted 130 days ago by heddle
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    Good to hear it helped! I imagine the Visual Studio team will address the issue in a future release.

    Posted 129 days ago by selliott
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