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Posted 1 year ago by selliott
Edited 1 year ago

What are your thoughts on how the process should work when someone wants to delete their whole BlazorForum user account? I'm also wanting to weigh in how privacy rules may affect things.

Should it:

  • Delete all their posts and child posts
  • Assign user posts to an anonymous user and keep their posts on the forum, then delete the user account
  • Something else?

Also, should a user be able to delete a single post? I've notice many forums don't allow it, while others do.

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    How to delete post? 

    Posted 362 days ago by Mhdcindioglu Edited 362 days ago
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    Currently, administrators can delete posts (in the admin area), but users can't. This is common among many forums, but it could possibly be built in as an optional feature at some point.

    Posted 362 days ago by selliott Edited 362 days ago
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    i am also thinking it would be nice to @ a user, like its done on twitter?

    Posted 29 days ago by loladeking
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