radio buttons - how set with numeric value?

Posted 48 days ago by Rexadecimal

do radio buttons actually work in Blazor? Can I set an integer value to a radio button and bind it to an integer field? are there any code examples out there that work?

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    Here's a basic example that shows the radio buttons working

    <EditForm Model="radioModel" OnValidSubmit="HandleValidSubmit">
        <InputRadioGroup Name="radioGroup" @bind-Value="radioModel.RadioValue">
            <InputRadio Value="0" />First Radio<br />
            <InputRadio Value="1" />Second Radio<br />
    <span>Selected Value:</span> @selectedVal
    @code {
        RadioModel radioModel = new RadioModel();
        int selectedVal;
        void HandleValidSubmit()
            selectedVal = radioModel.RadioValue;
        public class RadioModel
            public int RadioValue { get; set; }
    Posted 47 days ago by selliott
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