setting component attributes - eg color, size, etc

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can anyone point me to a simple example of how to set say background color of a <InputSelect> or <InputText> type component? Do I set some values in the Attribute property of the component? If so - is there a list of settable attributes somewhere? I can't find any good books on Blazor. Can anyone recommend one?

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    Try something like this:


    <div class="container-div">
    	<InputText @bind-Value="AddYourPropertyHere" class="myclass" />

    MyComponent.razor.css (add this stylesheet using CSS Isolation)

    .container-div ::deep input.myclass {
    	background-color: #f00;

    InputText is basically a component that uses the input tag in it, so using ::deep allows you to reach into the component from the parent component (MyComponent.razor).

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