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Image Upload and insert in Forum Post

Posted 195 days ago by tharris9d

Can you add to the todo list to add image upload and insert into a Forum Post?

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    This wouldn't be too difficult to do with BlazorForum. I haven't made it a standard feature, due to the level of moderation that would be required to make sure people aren't uploading images they shouldn't. All that would need done is to build a "Custom Build" of CKEditor (Classic Editor), that allows image uploads, and replace the ckeditor.js file that's in the wwwroot/scripts/js/ folder. 

    I wrote a blog post a little while back on how to create a custom build at:

    Note: In the overview I also mention a link to an online builder tool that CKEditor provides to create custom builds. You can try that and maybe you won't need to go through the whole process I wrote about, but I haven't had much luck getting the builds created through that automated tool to work.

    Posted 195 days ago by selliott
    Edited 195 days ago

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