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Added Topic Subscriptions, Updated Theme, and More

Posted 126 days ago by selliott
Edited 126 days ago

I recently added some more improvements to BlazorForum.

  • Added ability to send email notifications to topic subscribers when someone posts a reply to a topic. When a user adds a post or creates a topic, they are subscribed to that topic. Any registered user can subscribe or unsubscribe from a topic by clicking the subscription button in the upper right of the topic.
  • Changed "SendGridUser" to "EmailSenderName" in the Configuration to avoid confusion about its purpose. It's the name that will appear as the sender in emails. Important: If you have a previous installation of BlazorForum, you'll need to rename this column in the Configuration table.
  • Updated theme for Identity Account Management Area to match the main site theme. So, when a user registers, logs in, or manages their account, it doesn't feel like they went to a different site.
  • Added some methods to run and clean up data when a user deletes their account. Currently, topics and posts will be marked as deleted in the system (so they won't show) to prevent the missing user from breaking the site when their posts try to load. I'm thinking about building a way to manage those posts in the admin...where you'll be able to either assign the topic or post to an anonymous user (which would need to be automatically created if it doesn't already exist) or have the option of deleting the topic or post permanently.
  • I Also added methods to delete user UpDownVotes and Topic Subscriptions when a user deletes their account.
  • After some feedback from users, I moved the topic "posted" date info up into the topic header area, instead of under the post.

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